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A compact camera with a big task.

Multiple facial recognition

with instant temperature checks and fever warning.

Fever Cam AI System


The TTA-AI Fever Screening System is designed to capture and recognize human faces, and test the forehead temperatures simultaneously. It's used to find out fever possibility and give an initial warning for public safety and health purposes.  

Using full IR thermal imaging, fever is detected or not, the participant is advised by voice alert.

Not only is checking for fever a 'duty of care' it is commercially responsible due to the high cost of

non-attendance of ill staff or customers.


- Face recognition + forehead temperature testing

- Android operating system

- Artificial technology based algorithm guarantees accurate testing results  and minimizes ambient interference.

- Support mask and glasses detection mode, to minimize virus spread

- Plug and play , easy installation


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Fever Cam AI Product Specification

Pdf - Download