Protect Your Staff From Violence in the Workplace

World Class Facial Recognition

Better Protect Your Staff From Violence in the Workplace - Deploy Our World Class Facial Recognition Solution Today

Do you have patients or their family regularly abusing or being violent towards your staff?

The Now You Know Alert system is a discreet means of forewarning your staff of a potential threat to their safety. 

A private Hospital database that provides facial recognition matching of past visitors to ensure a proactive approach to staff security and wellbeing

Now You Know has your back

Now You Know can help protect your staff

A proactive security solution to better protect front line staff from abusive or violent patients


Proactively encourages staff to report all incidences that reflects the full spectrum of abuse


The Data is owned by you and not aggregated and shared with others. We can tailor our Alert system to your business requirements


Disturbing Facts

72% of nurses don’t feel safe from assault in their workplace

44% of nurses don’t report physical violence because it is just ‘part of the job’

Up to 90% of emergency department staff experience some form of violence in their careers

QLD hospitals average 79 violent incidents per week

"Rates of violence against nurses in hospitals increasing rapidly"

"I went to the ground. He then kicked me twice in the head"

"Nurse punched in stomach while pregnant"

Additional Use Cases

Want to know if or when dementia or infectious patients leave a ward or the hospital facility?

Once a patient's face has been captured by a camera you can add them to the alert subject list with a category and be notified if they're picked up on cameras placed at ward or hospital exits.

Become a Now You Know Installer

Now You Know is available exclusively through a network of licensed security installers who are committed to deliver a professional installation. If you're a security installer looking to grow your business, contact us today.