World Class Facial Recognition - Loss prevention for Retail Outlets

53% Theft Rate Reduction


Verified thieves for future matching


Thieves in real time across locations


Thieves actions using your exiting surveillance technologies

Loss Prevention Case Study

Convenience Store

'Shelf sweeps that happened regularly are now rare.'

Regional Manager


  • 15 repeat perpetrators 

  • 5 - 14 visits each per week

  • Average haul $50 - $300


  • Repeat perpetrators rarely visit the store

  • Theft dramatically reduced

  • Prosecution not required


Multi-Location Data Analytics


Shoplifters move from location to location, striking when the personnel who might recognise them are off duty.


Now You Know's biometric analytics works simultaneously at all locations, all of the time.

A retailer that has caught and banned a shoplifter knows that the management and designated security personnel will receive an immediate notification (push notification, a vibration on mobile device and/or a light comes on or music changes.


A penny saved is 2 you don't have to earn

Reduce theft/Loss by proactive intervention

Automatic alert when a known shoplifter enters your store

Ability to monitor staff removing known thieves upon entry

Reduce staff stress by improving security

Low monthly SAAS cost

Monitor staff arrival and departure times

Time stamped faces for ease of reviewing AVR/DVR

Straightforward installation

Facial recognition cameras compliment existing security cameras


How it works

iStock-1036852008 Thief 1 - edited.jpg

Entrance detection

Prevent repeat offenders entering

Multi Camera Association

Track offenders movements in your store


Business Analytics

Brick and mortar retailers need to provide an engaging, personalised and exciting in-store customer experience (ICX) as the key point of difference for physical stores and this remains the driving force behind getting consumers into stores.

Retail analytics is the process of capturing data about a specific business activity and then collating it into readable information. The challenge, and key to gaining a competitive advantage over your competitors, is implementing a Retail Analytic system and then knowing what data is relevant and what is not.

Being able to identify what data is relevant to your business and customers allows you to not only make informed decisions about how to create a unique and memorable customer experience (CX), but also provides insights on how to improve a range of other business challenges.

Every site needs sensors to capture data and connectivity to transfer that to a central database and then to a business intelligence tool (executive dashboard).

A common solution is to count foot traffic of customers when they enter and exit a store and track and compare this over time.


AISHOP deepcam Infrared Wi-Fi Traffic counter


AISHOP 7" Access Control Tablet

While this data can be useful for issues such as staff rostering, on its own a people counter is considered a “low end” solution. However, it is easily and often integrated to other data sources, such as POS or staffing data that adds significant business value.

Integrating your people counter with other sources provides crucial data that can helps enhance the customer experience and a range of other business KPI’s, such as conversion rates, wait times and average transaction values to name a few. This data ensures you are able to make informed, data driven decisions to improve efficiency in all aspects of your business.


AISHOP Shopping Mall Dashboard for Management

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