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8 inch Contact Tracing Terminal


The 8-inch binocular facial recognition contact tracing access tablet allows a person entry based on facial recognition while simultaneously using infra-red for anti-spoofing.

TTA-AI Contact Tracing System


The TTA-AI Multi Contact Tracing System is designed to capture and recognise multiple human faces simultaneously. It's used to provide contact tracing data in medium traffic areas where stopping the flow of movement would be an issue.

PLEASE NOTE: These products are not Medical Devices and are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention or monitoring of a disease, injury or disability. A TGA approved thermometer must be used to decide if a person has a fever.

By using our cloud service you can search to find when a specific face was captured, and find all other faces that were captured within a specified time-frame to drastically aid in the process of contact tracing. You can then use those time-frames to check against your existing CCTV system to check for contact elsewhere on your premises.