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Step 1. On site consultation by an accredited Licensed Security Provider who will assess your needs and provide a no obligation initial recommendation.

Step 2. If you wish to proceed further, quotes for the facial recognition cameras & devices and a third party data cabling quote either from the clients existing data cabler or we can recommend several professional accredited installers to provide quotes.

Step 3. Once the cameras and devices are installed, we will configure these, create a host account for the client’s venue and set up the agreed access staff permissions.

Step 4. Installs into commercial venues attract a hosting fee per camera of $50 + GST per month; a residential hosting fee per camera attracts a fee per camera of $20 + GST per month. 

The client may choose either a 24-month contract which includes the cost of the cameras & devices and cabling all rolled into a single monthly fee charge or they can elect to fund the cost of the cameras & devices and cabling upfront, then pay monthly in advance for their hosting service. 

At the conclusion of the 24-month term, the client has the option to upgrade their cameras and devices into a new plan or roll over their existing plan without the hardware upgrade, whereby the monthly fee charge will be just for the hosting service. Same basic principle as a typical telco mobile phone plan.

Step 5. Opt in to our Premium Alert response support. Contact us for further details.



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