World Class Facial Recognition - For Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants

Head off the trouble – enable staff to identify and prevent problematic patrons at the door.

An alert system for on-premise security guards to monitor and tag patrons more effectively for the business.

Patrons with a gambling problem can opt into your facial recognition exclusion programme. 

On-premise high risk areas can be better monitored and managed using facial recognition.

Now You Know has your back


Disturbing Facts

Alcohol-related assaults most commonly occur between 9 pm and 3 am on Friday and Saturday nights

33.8 per cent of all assaults for males occurred on licensed premises

52 percent of offenders charged by police for an assault had consumed alcohol in the previous 24 hours

Males are more likely to be involved in incidents of physical abuse in pubs and clubs

"A nightclub owner says he is fed up with violent behaviour after his club’s security and patrons were peppered with glass bottles"

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