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Do you know?

if you can identify VIPs coming into your shop or attending your venue 



"Now You Know"

Doing a lot more with your venue's video footage than simply storing it then overwriting it


Employing a state of the art Security Camera with industry leading AI facial recognition system

Just like your current security cameras you have complete control with what you do with your data, using AI you can do more with your asset than you imagined.


Record the number of unique engagements and the hover times with your physical signage - just as you do on web pages

Whether you have a digital sign or a large poster, a face counting camera can measure the success of your campaign

Physical Store Demographics

Marketing managers have benefited for more than a decade knowing the success of their campaigns by website hits and what the conversion rate is. You can now extend that knowledge into all your physical (bricks & mortar) outlets using the Now You Know camera solution.


Staff Roster Management

Retail analytics allows the Store Managers to plan staff shifts more precisely as they have a clearer view of past customer traffic. Point of Sales statistics only records the sales that were won, not the sales that were lost possibly due to a lack of staffing at key times. Measure the staff conversion rate across the day and across the week. Identify which staff team combinations work best for your business



Report on age and gender by location and date range


Face Recognition

Optionally tag VIPs, staff and banned persons


Customer Counting

Report on hourly traffic minus staffing numbers


Graphs available on a phone app or web portal.

  • Report on gender and age by location and date range

  • Report on hourly traffic minus staffing numbers

  • Optionally tag VIPs, staff and banned persons

  • AI Cameras can count distant faces simultaneously in a crowd

  • Reporting provided as SaaS for hassle free implementation


Stream video to your existing security recording infrastructure for enhanced coverage 

Alerts can be set for recognised faces and means of tagging on the fly

Face recognition door access solutions available

Time stamped faces for ease of reviewing camera footage

Proactively prevent theft by excluding returning offenders

Single view across multiple sites

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