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Now You Know is a world-class facial recognition system for staff protection, domestic violence protection and loss prevention

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Technology Changes the Future

The Now You Know team includes Dr. Jingfeng Liu a world renowned thought leader in artificial intelligence from Carnegie Mellon University and Michigan State University.


He is a founding member of the Big Learning Center of the National Natural Science Foundation ( 

Our focus area is in the application of artificial intelligence technologies such as face recognition, object recognition and vehicle identification in smart cities and smart tourism. 

Industry Solutions for:

  • Guest identification

  • Retail Visitor Statistics

  • Attendance

  • Check-in

  • Access control

  • Personnel Management

  • Advertising screen viewer audience analysis

Face attribute recognition

After detecting the face in the picture, the face can be analysed, and 68 key points such as the eye, mouth and nose contour can be obtained to accurately identify various face attributes, such as gender, age, expression and the like. This technology can adapt to various real-world environments such as large-angle side face, occlusion, blur, and expression changes.

Face comparison

According to the facial features, the similarity of the two faces is calculated, and the similarity score is given to determine whether it is the same person, that is, 1:1. authentication. This technology can be used for real authentication and human authentication scenarios.

Static live detection

Check whether a single still picture is in fact a live face. It is suitable for mobile devices and other real world scenarios. Effectively it resists photo attacks, compared to dynamic live detection, users do not need to shake their heads or perform Visual Speech Recognition (VSR).


Reduce theft/Loss by proactive intervention

Proactively prevent theft by excluding returning offenders

More informed approach to security

Reduce staff stress by improving security

Low monthly cost

Ability to review staff arrival and departure times

Time stamped faces for ease of reviewing camera footage

Free Initial 3 hr Security Consultation valued at $525 for all new customers

Facial recognition cameras compliment existing security cameras

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